WGSO Ringside Politics

My favorite part of the week is Ringside Politics Radio Show out of New Orleans on WGSO. They have me on every Friday morning in the last hour (8PST/9MST/11EST) as a Ringside All Star (starts 3:22:24).

Today we hit President Trump’s media takedown AKA press conference, the travel ban, Mike Flynn, fake news, Hillary Clinton as a poor unlikable soul, nudity as part of a New Orleans mayoral candidates’s plank, and Mardi Gras.

The regular callers are my favorites, and my tippy top favorite is David Bellinger AKA The Flaming Liberal. I don’t know if he does it on purpose, but he always calls me “Carol.” The first half-dozen times, the host corrected him, but it never took, so the host just lets it go. The Flaming Liberal is known for a lot of things, some unmentionable, but today, he referred to Donald Trump as “a few mudbugs short of a full sack of crawfish.”