photo credit: Fibonacci Blue Tea Party people for Sanu and against the government providing medical care to veterans via photopin (license)

The only reason I’m a Republican is that it would be disingenuous to be anything else. I agree with limited government, strong national defense, conservative values, entitlement reform, and freeing small business from the stranglehold of excessive regulation. It doesn’t mean I think the GOP is smart. In fact, today they proved how very stupid they really are.

How stupid to sit around for eight years kvetching about Obamacare without preparing its replacement.

How stupid to give up on your party before election night to the extent that you have no plan B.

How stupid not to realize that insisting on anything that defeats the healthcare bill just proves Republicans can’t get anything done. Why vote for them?

How stupid to squander the opportunity to give Donald Trump some momentum. Yesterday, Senator Nunes tossed President Trump some “vindication” on the wiretapping allegation. Had the House passed the healthcare bill today, they might have given him just enough juice to overcome the relentless Democratic headwind.

How stupid not to realize that as President Trump goes, all Republican office holders go. I’m almost thinking they deserve it.