I bet you thought I was talking about Donald Trump; you’re half right.

For all the hand-wringing, glee, and/or dread over Donald Trump’s unfavorability rating with women—70 percent as of this writing—Hillary Clinton is close on his heels at 58 percent. Not exactly a mandate from women to be the first woman president.

How is Donald Trump going to win over female voters?

Sit back. Hillary will do it for him. Think about it. Hillary Clinton is the closest thing to a female president we’ve ever had, yet more women than not don’t like her.

High-profile women campaigning for her are threatening other women with hell if they don’t vote for her, yet more women than not don’t plan to. A self-styled advocate for women, she teeters on the edge of implosion from mealy-mouthed self-interest. “What difference at this point does it make?” and “I thought using one device would be simpler.