1. Tell millennials they’re too stupid and wet behind the ears to recognize a trustworthy candidate when they see one.

Democrats are telling young women that they need to be spoon-fed political opinions—pro-Hillary Clinton opinions—because if they don’t support her, it’s only because they don’t know how unfairly she was treated by Republicans in the past; that all her “scandals” are really only “buzzwords.”

How do older female Democrats say this with a straight face? Let’s talk about why millennials see right through Hillary and her supporters.
Hillary Clinton is Fundamentally Honest and Trustworthy.

Wut? I think I just hallucinated. Did those words actually appear in print somewhere? Why, yes, yes they did. (Let us pause to consider the wisdom of reading widely and thinking for yourself.) I couldn’t possibly do justice to a paraphrase of this screenplay, so you may read for yourself:

But there’s one issue where I suspect that age really does trip up millennials: the widespread belief that Hillary isn’t trustworthy. It’s easy to understand why they might think this. After all, Hillary has been surrounded by a miasma of scandal for decades—and even if you vaguely know that a lot of the allegations against her weren’t fair, well, where there’s smoke there’s fire. So if you’re familiar with the buzzwords—Whitewater, Travelgate, Vince Foster, the Rose law firm, Troopergate, Ken Starr, Benghazi, Emailgate—but not much else, it’s only human to figure that maybe there really is something fishy in Hillary’s past.

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