Did you know horses can tell when you're lying? Well, special horses can. Andalusians and Missouri Fox Trotters to be specific. Hoofbeats to Healing is a place where horses listen to kids with Reactive Attachment Disorder and adults with PTSD. We all want to feel heard and safe, and that's what these remarkable horses can do.  

Back in the day—the really old day—we wore open carry revolvers like we wear cell phones today. Today, concealed carry is where it's at. Did you know that anyone with a concealed carry weapon permit undergoes a criminal and mental health background check every 24 hours? What could go wrong? Scott Mogilefsky is a certified concealed carry weapons instructor, and he can tell you. Check out Scott and his classes at www.utahccwtraining.com. Deep thought (and funny video): What would it be like if all the good guys had weapons?

Lindsay Page is a walking talking miracle. She was diagnosed with angiosarcoma three years ago and, wisely, did not Google it. This form of cancer is so rare that only 50 people a year in the US are diagnosed with it, and the prognosis is very poor—well under three years. But that's just one of the many miracles Lindsay has experienced in her unbelievably arduous battle to, as she says, stay for her kids. Never bitter, always faithful to God and family, Lindsay is a rare and beautiful soul.  

How does a girl get from Paraguay, where her father is an icon in the leprosy healing community, to a Ph.D teaching business on the faculties of American universities, to a spiritual seeker? Very dramatically. And that's not even the half of it.

Israel figured out a way to get water from the Negev Desert. Honest. If it sounds too good to be true, it isn't. There are a lot of things about Israel that sound almost too good to be true. But they aren't. Remarkable place. Remarkable people. For more info see Let There Be Water by Seth Siegel or http://www.lchaimmagazine.com/.

Is Affirmative Action so last century? Who really needs it anymore? Where and why do they need it? Alex from Ypsilanti has a bone to pick with the 'ol Affirmative Action.      

Is it possible to be Christian and gay at the same time? Corporate attorney turned author Brian Peyton Joyner says it is. Raised devout Southern Baptist, he has quite the story to tell. His debut novel The Wisdom of Stones is semi-autobiographical and available on Amazon. For more info: https://brianpeytonjoyner.com/.

Everyone wants to be a victim. What’s a world to do? Don’t get Dave Rosenberg started because he’ll tell you. Twenty years ago, Dave was a Naval Flight Officer flying F-14’s off the deck of the USS Independence. His biggest challenge didn’t come in the cockpit, but rather as a leader of personnel.  Keeping morale up while at sea for 111 days in preparation for Desert Storm was no easy task. Today Dave works with business owners to develop their  best leadership practices. For more info: http://www.lockedonleadership.com/.

We’re having a moment, we women. There’s safety in numbers, and women who have remained silent for decades are coming forward with accusations of sexual abuse. Nothing excuses sexual abuse, but can we learn anything from the Lauren Bacalls and Katherine Hepburns of yesteryear? Antoinette Kuritz is the founder of the La Jolla Writers Conference and the proprietor of Strategies PR, a literary development company For more info: http://lajollawritersconference.com/ and http://strategiespr.com/.

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