One of Everything

A compelling read driven by raw emotion and brutal honesty, One of Everything makes readers want to revisit and reassess their own life’s journey.

                                                                                                     — James Frey, A Million Little Pieces

Book Cover: "One of Everything" by Donna Carol Voss

The recipe for happily-ever-after?

Start with one middle-class white girl in 1976. Add in her longing for love and acceptance, another middle-class white girl, a huge dollop of gossip, and excruciating peer and family pressure. Stir in youthful travel abroad, a Berkeley education, and a foray into paganism, drugs, marriage, and divorce. Whip until frothy with interracial and bisexual affairs, relationship violence, and exploration of multicultural mores. Season with salsa dancing. Temper with a segue into Mormonism. Decorate with a Temple wedding and garnish with motherhood to three adopted siblings. And what you have is a memoir capable of sating anyone’s need for a great read.

From shame to self-acceptance, from sexual ambiguity to definitive choice, from skepticism to belief, Donna Carol Voss’s journey from childhood through marriage and motherhood is both unique and universal, a story that will resonate long after the last page is read.

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