photo credit: xadrian Polo! via photopin (license)

Marco Polo, at least where I’m from, is a game kids play in the pool. One kid shuts his eyes and counts to 10 while all the other kids scatter to different places in the pool. The one with his eyes shut calls out, “Marco,” and the other kids yell back, “Polo” from wherever they are in the pool. The object of the game is for the one with his eyes shut to touch one of the kids yelling, “Polo.” Then the kid who was touched becomes the new “Marco.”

We play a version of Marco  Polo with God all the time, although we probably don’t recognize it. We call out to God—our “Marco”—with prayer and supplication. He sends back the spirit some way some how—his “Polo.” The object is for us to be able to find the spirit. We can keep praying—”Marco”—as long as we need to keep searching for the spirit—”Polo.” “Polo” could be a scripture, a new idea, a resolution to a problem, a visit from a friend, or anything else we feel drawn toward.

I think this is a fine substitute for answer to prayer, especially for people who say they “never” get answers to their prayers. The interaction is taking place whether or not we connect with God. He nudges us along the right path with the warmth of the spirit until we finally touch him. Follow the good, clean, warm feeling, and you can’t go wrong.

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