The University of California at Berkeley, the cradle of the free speech movement, just last week cancelled yet another conservative speaker. The college’s Young Republicans had invited Ann Coulter to speak on April 27. Campus officials cited “security concerns” as their reason for cancelling Coulter’s speech, but Coulter says it was all they had left after “imposing ridiculous demands” that hadn’t scared her away.

They demanded she speak off-campus; she acceded. They demanded she speak during the day when students are in class; she acceded. How mad are Berkeley officials that even though they cancelled her, she plans to speak on April 27 at Berkeley anyway? It’s almost like she has courage and a backbone.

Clearly, UC-Berkeley officials have neither, and this is not news. When the Young Republicans invited former Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulis to speak in February, campus officials cancelled his speech a few hours before it was to start, also due to “security concerns.” They then hid behind their oak-paneled desks while violent protesters tore down metal barriers, broke windows, set fires, hurled rocks at police, attacked bystanders, and damaged a construction site.

Police were reportedly told to stand down and take no action against the violence. An attorney for the union representing UC-Berkeley police said, “When these rioters saw that there was no action taken against them, it emboldened them into acting more aggressively.” Indeed. When protesters were done demolishing the campus—to the tune of $100,000—they moved on to smash windows of local businesses.



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In case you haven’t noticed, Donald Trump is president. In other words, pigs can fly. The unthinkable is suddenly thinkable, and word to the wise, it’s not an isolated incident. The college kids who shut down Milo Yiannopoulos at UC Berkeley and Charles Murray at Middlebury College seem to have missed the memo. The college students who protested Laura Kipnis at Wellesley—triggering a Title IX investigation into the controversial feminist—Charles Murray at Notre Dame, and Charles Murray at Villanova are also behind the curve. It’s so easy to wield the moral high ground when you have it (if moral high ground means unrighteous power), but today’s college students are blissfully unaware that, sooner or later, the moral high ground changes hands.

We’re so busy sheltering and coddling today’s college students that they seem completely unaware of something called “reality.” Reality by any other name is “what goes up must come down.” Rome fell, GM and Chrysler weren’t too big to fail, Brad and Angelina divorced. Change can happen. Change does happen. Change will happen. Continue reading “WITHOUT FREEDOM OF SPEECH, DO THE OTHER FREEDOMS MATTER?”



Are you up on your New Orleans happenings? Mayor Mitch Landrieu has prevailed in the 5th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals and will begin removing the statues of Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, and P.T.G. Beauregard, all heroes of the Confederacy. In an interview with NPR, Landrieu linked removal of the monuments to the city’s efforts to rebuild after Katrina.

And so the thought of the people of the city – and I share this thought – is that as we rebuild the city of New Orleans, we ought to rebuild it in a way that reflects our whole history, that’s inviting and that it’s open and not one that continues to cast shadows over a group of people where the message is still sent that, look, we didn’t even think that you were fully formed human persons and we think that the Confederacy was the right way to govern America. Those messages were wrong then, and they’re wrong now.

The same thing is happening and has been happening all over the country.  Continue reading “SAY GOODBYE TO THE ROBERT E. LEE MONUMENT IN NEW ORLEANS”


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Good news! Sanctuary cities are better than Christmas morning! Who knew? Dr. Tom Wong—Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of California San Diego—knew. The Center for American Progress recently published his study with the stunning conclusion that:

The data are clear: Crime is statistically significantly lower in sanctuary counties compared to nonsanctuary counties. Moreover, economies are stronger in sanctuary counties—from higher median household income, less poverty, and less reliance on public assistance to higher labor force participation, higher employment-to-population ratios, and lower unemployment.

Semi-expert that I am now on sanctuary cities (shameless plug alert: Deep Dive: Sanctuary Cities, Amazon, $2.99, you should check it out), I figured I better add such felicitous information to my store of knowledge. Having learned the very hard way to do all my own fact-checking, I began what was to quickly become an epic takedown of this bogus (did I really just say that?) study. Continue reading “NO! PROPAGANDA ABOUT SANCTUARY CITIES? NOT POSSIBLE!”


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A 14 year old girl was raped in the boys’ bathroom at a Rockville, Maryland high school by two men—men—who shouldn’t have been anywhere near her. At least one of them, Henry Sanchez, shouldn’t even have been in this country because a) he broke the law by entering illegally, and b) he had a pending “alien removal” case against him. The other one, Jose Montano, is a minor so his immigration status was not released, but let’s be real. If he were here legally, his immigration status would not only have been released (leaked if you like), it would have been hailed as proof that illegal aliens commit fewer crimes than legal residents.

Did political correctness get that girl raped? Political correctness put Sanchez, 18 and recently arrived from Guatemala, and Montano, 17, recently arrived from El Salvador, in a 9th grade class with proximal access to a child whose life they proceeded to ruin. Why were an 18 year old and a 17 year old in the 9th grade? Because it was “racist” and “xenophobic” to deny them equal access to education, let alone entertain the possibility that they were potential threats to the real 9th graders and anyone else at the school. Continue reading “DID POLITICAL CORRECTNESS GET A 14 YEAR OLD GIRL RAPED?”


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The only reason I’m a Republican is that it would be disingenuous to be anything else. I agree with limited government, strong national defense, conservative values, entitlement reform, and freeing small business from the stranglehold of excessive regulation. It doesn’t mean I think the GOP is smart. In fact, today they proved how very stupid they really are.

How stupid to sit around for eight years kvetching about Obamacare without preparing its replacement.

How stupid to give up on your party before election night to the extent that you have no plan B.

How stupid not to realize that insisting on anything that defeats the healthcare bill just proves Republicans can’t get anything done. Why vote for them?

How stupid to squander the opportunity to give Donald Trump some momentum. Yesterday, Senator Nunes tossed President Trump some “vindication” on the wiretapping allegation. Had the House passed the healthcare bill today, they might have given him just enough juice to overcome the relentless Democratic headwind.

How stupid not to realize that as President Trump goes, all Republican office holders go. I’m almost thinking they deserve it.


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If you didn’t watch President Trump’s address to Congress, you missed a spectacular moment in American history. I don’t mean the speech. I mean the two-minute standing ovation for Ryan Owens, the Navy Seal killed Yemen in January. Everyone is crying for unity and decrying the fact that we don’t have any, but we had unity last night as we experienced that moment through the eyes and heart of his widow. There was nothing partisan about the empathy we felt in that moment. Some of us even felt awe.

Can you imagine your husband was killed only a month ago, he’s being acknowledged by the president of the United States in a historic speech, you’re surrounded by the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government, and the applause goes on and on and on? What an incredible moment.

Then there was the speech itself. Unity, unity, where did you go? The man can’t win. He was the consummate presidential figure, so the criticism is that he might go back to the Twitter gutter. They want him to be presidential, he’s presidential, and they find a way to make him being presidential a problem. Continue reading “PRESIDENTIAL? YAY OR NAY”


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I don’t like how conservatives are painted as meanies who want to break up families. That’s a set up. That’s like, “When did you stop beating your wife?” Conservatives didn’t force anyone over the border illegally or force anyone to overstay a visa. No one is thrilled at the idea of splitting up families, but that’s not the only criterion in play.

Every single person who is here illegally is here because either: 1) the person made the conscious choice to flout our laws; or 2) the person’s parents (or grandparents) made the conscious choice to flout our laws. Either way, this all started with a bad decision. As a parent, I get that parents will go to extreme lengths for their kids, like giving them a chance to be raised in the United States. As a parent, I also get that I’m accountable for my decisions, even if they end up hurting my kids. As a parent, I resent holding my children accountable to the rule of law when I can’t explain to them why certain other people aren’t held accountable.

If the cookie had crumbled a different way and we were under a Clinton administration, it might never have been an issue. But we’re under a Trump administration, which came to power in large measure because of Donald Trump’s tough stance on deporting illegal immigrants. It is what it is. Families that include people who have no legal right to be here have some choices to make. Only they know which choices are optimal in their situation. However. If they make another bad, i.e., unlawful, decision, they’re accountable for how it turns out.

Meanwhile 80 percent of Americans believe cities that arrest illegal immigrants for crimes should be required to turn them over to immigration authorities. Some of that 80 percent, including myself, are tired of hearing only about the pain of illegal immigrants’ families being split up by deportation. Only since President Trump took office have I heard anything (from the White House) about the pain American families feel when they are split up by an illegal immigrant’s criminal action. Continue reading “SANCTUARY CITIES: SPLITTING UP FAMILIES”


WGSO Ringside Politics

My favorite part of the week is Ringside Politics Radio Show out of New Orleans on WGSO. They have me on every Friday morning in the last hour (8PST/9MST/11EST) as a Ringside All Star (starts 3:22:24).

Today we hit President Trump’s media takedown AKA press conference, the travel ban, Mike Flynn, fake news, Hillary Clinton as a poor unlikable soul, nudity as part of a New Orleans mayoral candidates’s plank, and Mardi Gras.

The regular callers are my favorites, and my tippy top favorite is David Bellinger AKA The Flaming Liberal. I don’t know if he does it on purpose, but he always calls me “Carol.” The first half-dozen times, the host corrected him, but it never took, so the host just lets it go. The Flaming Liberal is known for a lot of things, some unmentionable, but today, he referred to Donald Trump as “a few mudbugs short of a full sack of crawfish.”



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Democrats thought they’d won. Really, really won. They thought they’d never lose again so they tied it all up in a pretty package for themselves, the presumed party in perpetual power. No more filibuster. More executive orders than you can shake a stick at. Obamacare enacted without a single Republican vote in either the House or the Senate.

Then they lost. Really, really lost. On November 8, the floor dropped out of their world, and they woke up to four years of President Donald J. Trump. Unless…

Unless it’s true what they tell themselves at Greenpeace rallies, and they’re convinced it is. They and they alone have the moral high ground. In their minds, they didn’t lose on November 8 because the moral high ground never loses. In their minds, they’re still morally superior and have a moral imperative to win a different way. Any way at all. If they bring down a president or a constitutional republic in the process, well, at least they can still get work in Hollywood.

The Left’s ground is so high and so moral, they have no conception of the damage they’re doing. Exhibit A? The judiciary. Attorneys I respect—Hugh Hewitt, Jay Sekulow, Casey Mattox, Kimberley Guilfoyle—make the following points: Continue reading “THE LEFT’S MORAL HIGH GROUND WILL BE THE DEATH OF ALL OF US”