Nothing to Apologize For: The Truth About Western Civilization.
Released 8/15/17

Western Civilization transformed the world through reason, freedom, progress, individualism, ingenuity, and the great experiment known as America. America is not all good, but we’re losing what is good because we’re afraid to claim it. As though somehow it’s shameful to honor such an imperfect country. But the beauty of America is that we’re founded on perfect ideals. And as short of those ideals as we sometimes fall, we never stop striving to attain them. That’s what we need to honor. That’s what we don’t want to lose.

  • Yes, we had slavery, Jim Crow, and segregation. We also had the Civil Rights Movement, possible only in Western culture because we value critical self-reflection and progress.
  • Yes, we had rapacious capitalism, Robber Barons, and child labor. We also have capitalism that has lifted more people out of poverty than any other system ever invented.
  • Yes, we had legal racism, sexism, and homophobia. We also have human rights that, once attained, are never lost, unlike non-Western cultures where human rights—if they exist—are always fragile.

In Nothing to Apologize For: The Truth About Western Civilization, Donna Carol Voss makes the case for Western civilization and especially for America, its pearl of great price. It is a clear-eyed love letter that gives us a chance to ask,



It’s not too late. Yet.


Deep Dive Sanctuary Cities takes an in-depth look at the hot button issue of how we handle 11 million foreign nationals who reside in our country illegally.

People are busy, headlines are click bait, and “facts” get repeated so often, they take on a life of their own. Donna Carol Voss and Brian Peyton Joyner come from opposite ends of the political spectrum with very different views of the issue. Using vetted facts and unflinching intellectual honesty, they lay out the controversy in a way that is thorough, entertaining, and easy to digest.

Brian is a progressive attorney with twenty years experience and a master’s degree in public administration. Donna is a conservative author and blogger with a master’s degree in business. Together, they are the antidote to spin, bias, and hidden agendas. Brian doesn’t let Donna get away with anything, and Donna reminds Brian he isn’t always the smartest one in the room. It’s a match made in accuracy heaven.


How do you pick a candidate in this one-for-the-record-books election? In Hail to the Chief! Donna Carol Voss lays out the ten most important questions to ask any candidate who wants to lead our great country. She differentiates those areas a president can affect—like fiscal responsibility and small business regulation—from those that are virtually invulnerable to the powers that be—like Roe v. Wade and gay marriage.

    • Should a 14-year-old girl to be able to get an abortion without her parents’ knowledge and consent?
    • How much power should a president have to work outside the Constitution, say, with a phone and a pen on a Tuesday afternoon?
    • Do we the people have a right to express our views publicly, no matter how politically incorrect they may be?
    • Are we willing to bomb innocent civilians to preserve our Judeo-Christian culture and save American lives?

    Whether you’re Conservative, Liberal, Progressive, or Libertarian, Hail to the Chief! will help you clarify your thinking and get you ready for the most important election in our lifetime.

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A compelling read driven by raw emotion and brutal honesty, One of Everything makes readers want to revisit and reassess their own life’s journey.
                                     —James Frey, author of A Million Little Pieces

Is One of Everything an overdose on life? Or is it a recipe for happily-ever-after? Start with one middle-class white girl in 1976. Add in her longing for love and acceptance, another middle-class white girl, a huge dollop of gossip, and excruciating peer and family pressure. Stir in youthful travel abroad, a Berkeley education, and a foray into paganism, drugs, marriage, and divorce. Whip until frothy with interracial and bisexual affairs, relationship violence, and exploration of multicultural mores. Season with salsa dancing. Temper with a segue into Mormonism. Decorate with a Temple wedding and garnish with motherhood to three adopted siblings. And what you have is a memoir capable of sating anyone’s need for a great read. From shame to self-acceptance, from sexual ambiguity to definitive choice, from skepticism to belief, Donna Carol Voss’s journey from childhood through marriage and motherhood is both unique and universal, a story that will resonate long after the last page is read.

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