Hail To The Chief - 10 Questions to Ask Every Oval Office Candidate - Donna Carol Voss - Book CoverHail to the Chief
Donna’s forthcoming book will be available within the next few weeks, so stay tuned!  And just in the nick of time!



One of Everything by Donna Carol Voss - Book CoverOne of Everything
The recipe for happily-ever-after? Start with one middle-class white girl in 1976. Add in her longing for love and acceptance, another middle-class white girl, a huge dollop of gossip, and excruciating peer and family pressure. Stir in youthful travel abroad, a Berkeley education, and a foray into paganism, drugs, marriage, and divorce. Whip until frothy with interracial and bisexual affairs, relationship violence, and exploration of multicultural mores. Season with salsa dancing. Temper with a segue into Mormonism. Decorate with a Temple wedding and garnish with motherhood to three adopted siblings. And what you have is a memoir capable of sating anyone’s need for a great read.


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