Don’t let the Democrats tell you they care about you. Unless of course you happen to be an illegal alien, voluntary or otherwise, i.e., came here of your own volition or were brought here by your parents when you were a minor. Then they really really care about you. So much so that they’re willing to throw just about everybody else under the bus: American citizens and legal residents; young Americans in the military who have put themselves in harm’s way to keep the rest of us safe; and the children. Yes, even the children.

Let’s start backward. The Democrats preferred to let the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) go unfunded rather than budge an inch on illegal aliens brought here as minors. Because they didn’t get everything they wanted, Senate Democrats took their ball and went home. (BTW, somebody’s parents were supposed to teach them that none of us ever get everything we want, but then Democrats and unrealistic expectations of utopia go hand in hand. John Lennon’s Imagine is their theme song.)

Even if every DACA recipient were student body president and prom king/queen rolled into one, non-American citizens should in no way take precedence over the children of American citizens and legal residents. Really, what are the Democrats thinking? And what good did it do the DREAMERS for the Democrats to walk away from a deal that didn’t include them? They weren’t going to be regularized anyway, but because of the government “shutdown” (please, it was a sneeze not a shutdown), lawmakers have three fewer days to resolve the DACA dilemma before the program terminates on March 5. Duh. Long range planning much?

More than 80 percent of Americans think regularizing the DREAMERS is the right thing to do, so how likely is it they won’t be? Yet the Democrats have made it seem like these folks are out on the gangplank and about to go kerplunk. DREAMERS are so unnecessarily distressed, they actually blocked the entrance to Disneyland because hey, if they can’t have their dreams, neither can anyone else. The Democrats don’t even care about Disneyland.

Democrats don’t care about the young men and women serving in our military. They say they do, but they were willing to let eighteen and nineteen year soldiers living paycheck to paycheck–some with families–go without pay. Thank God for USAA, who stepped up and offered to lend these soldiers money until their retroactive pay kicks in. But of course every single member of Congress got paid every dime. Is that not reprehensible? (This is where I should say that Republicans share the blame since every Republican member of Congress was paid as well, but since the Democrats own the “Schumer shutdown,” I don’t have to. If it were up to the Republicans, everybody would have been paid.)

And most egregious of all, Democrats expect American citizens and legal residents to get behind the safety and well-being of illegal immigrants. Not only is California a sanctuary state now, but the California Attorney General–a Democrat, natch–has threatened to prosecute any private business in the state that helps federal immigration authorities enforce immigration laws. Is this not the definition of crazy? Your government is prepared to spend your tax dollars in protecting the interests of illegal aliens, but will prosecute you if you help the feds enforce the laws of our country.

Don’t let Democrats tell you they care about you. Unless you happen to be an illegal alien reading this, and then your totally cool.

photo credit: G · RTM Disneyland Paris – Mainstreet U.S.A. 20170426 via photopin (license)

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