First, stop right now and say a prayer—or send love and light if you’re not the religious type—to the victims of the First Baptist Church massacre in Sutherland Springs, Texas. Yet again, totally innocent people got up Sunday morning like every other day and will never come home again. I’m willing to give everyone now screeching about gun control the benefit of the doubt that their first reaction was concern for the victims and their loved ones. Now, let’s move on.

If we can’t stop terrorists from getting access to trucks, how on the good green earth are we going to stop evil people from getting access to the 300 million guns already in circulation in the U.S.? If we had done things a little differently for the last 240 years, we might have different options, but the gun horse left the barn a long time ago.

We’re already choking on gun control laws that aren’t followed (are you listening, Air Force?) or that sinister and/or disturbed parties care not one whit about: criminals, the evil who are sane, and the mentally ill who have homicidal intentions. Either they pass their background checks with flying colors, or they obtain firearms illegally. What a travesty to focus on guns.

Also a travesty is comparing America to other countries with stricter gun control laws and lower incidence of gun violence. That’s like comparing an A-student who is taking one class with a B- or even C- student who is taking four classes and working full-time. No other country is as diverse, complex, and free as we are. If someone starts with a comparison between us and Canada or us and Sweden, don’t waste your time engaging. They and their ideological blinders are the real problem.

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